Are you thinking of encapsulating your placenta? Is how to pack and store it safely a concern? Introducing Transportation Kits! These kits are mailed to you within one week of booking services. A slender package, you can slip it right into your birth bag for hassle free packing at the time of your baby’s birth.


What’s inside?

The kit comes with:

  • a food safe bag for your placenta
  • bags for ice
  • an insulated bag to keep the placenta cold
  • a full color instruction card
  • a letter with helpful tips
  • business card with contact info


Ready to book?

I am honored to encapsulate your placenta.

Still have questions?

I am happy to answer any questions you have.
Book within 2 weeks of your due date to receive free kit. Last minute bookings can still be accommodated, but transport kit not included.