I was looking for someone local who I felt was priced reasonably and had good reviews. Kathryn was very responsive and timely. Very respectful when she came to pick the placenta up after I had my child and quick to bring it back. The one thing that stood out to me the most, and why I plan on booking again for my next child’s birth, was that the postpartum uterine contractions went from extremely painful, toe curling and tear inducing to nearly pain free. The days before I received the placenta back we’re almost unbearable and within the first pill that I took I noticed a huge difference in that pain.

Samantha ~ Pleasanton, CA

I chose Kathryn after I had heard her name on a facebook group and did some of my own research. I found Placenta Encapsulation worth every penny that it cost. I was amazed at just how different and better this healing process went than with my first birth. I’m more prone to getting Postpartum Depression and this time I haven’t dealt with any of that.
Tori ~ Stockton, CA

I chose Red Tree Placenta because Kathryn was very welcoming and answered all my questions! Although it’s pricey it’s totally worth all the benefits!! I wouldn’t have been able to do what she did, especially how she made the umbilical cord into the word love to frame forever. I felt overall amazing!! I loved the fact that I was replenishing my body after birth.

Jessica ~ Antioch, CA

I chose Kathryn after meeting with a few doulas and encapsulation specialists because she was easy to talk to and I appreciated her straight-forward and direct approach toward answering my questions. The cost was very much worth the benefits I received! The benefits were beyond imaginable.  I decided to try the placenta encapsulation after my fifth delivery.  My first four deliveries were followed by severe postpartum depression starting at six weeks post-delivery.  After this delivery I experienced no postpartum symptoms!  There was one occasion where I started feeling some lows and waves of sad thoughts and emotions.  I took the tincture and fifteen minutes later, I felt like a new person, full of energy and happy.  I’ll never deliver another baby without the placenta encapsulation and tincture again! Thank you Kathryn, it changed my and my families’ lives for the better.
Maria ~ Walnut Creek, CA

We chose you because the price point was very competitive, and you offered both encapsulation as well as tincture. We loved that you would come to our house (since we had a home birth) and that you gave incredibly detailed instructions about what we needed to do in preparation. We felt totally at ease with the process. I think the cost was definitely worth it. Not only did I feel much more balanced while taking the pills, I feel like I have something stashed in my back pocket with the tincture for future needs. It would have been a shame to just dispose of the placenta! You were so timely and easy to work with. My husband was able to handle everything so that I could recover, and this in itself made everything just feel luxurious. I felt the benefits of taking my pills were more energy, less mood swings, and just a general feeling of wellbeing.
Anika ~ Pleasanton, CA

My doula (Angela Steele) referred you to me. Your site was very visually appealing and professional. I liked that I could find everything on your site. The investment was wort every penny. Something that stood out to me was the heart shaped umbilical cord. I had never heard of that and have shown it to so many people. After taking my placenta capsules, my overall mood improved. By my second week post partum I felt like my old self. It’s hard to tell the benefits when it’s your first time but others noticed a difference in me.
Thomishia ~ Concord, CA

Ready to book?

I am honored to encapsulate your placenta.

I make it super simple. Here is all you have to do:

  • Fill out the contract!
  • Watch for the automated email with all of your instructions.
  • Have your baby!
  • Call me to pick up your placenta!

I am glad I chose to encapsulate my placenta and I would recommend Red Tree Placenta. If I forgot to take them I noticed I had less energy and was irritable. As soon as I took them, I felt better!

Tessa ~ Martinez, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for the placenta capsules. I am the type of person who believes it when I see it and I really feel that they have helped me so much already. My milk came in really good on day 2! I had so much grief with my milk supply with AJ. I also feel amazing. So anyway thank you again for all your hard work. I am a happy customer!”
Amanda ~ Concord, CA

You made everything so easy! From quickly answering my questions to the cooler and instructions that came in the mail to the pickup and drop off – everything was easy! Just what a new mom needs!

Katie ~ Danville, CA

Kathryn did a great job. Answered all my questions. This was my fourth girl and I had postpartum with all the others. My first time trying this, and I’m so glad I did. No postpartum this time! I had a few off days, but overall way better! Thank You! Try it…why not, all natural and it comes from your body. What stands out most about my experience was that it was not gross!!!
Julie ~ Castro Valley, CA

I Googled Placenta encapsulation and you came up. I read up on a few people but I was really drawn to your background and experience and I just felt it was a good fit! I felt the cost was worth it. You communicated with my mother and we felt you were very nice and everything went smooth and you were so quick on the turn around!

Danielle ~ Bay Point, CA

At first I thought it was a little odd that people consumed their own placenta, but then I talked to someone who tried encapsulation with her second child. She had nothing but great things to say about it so I figured it was worth a shot. I honestly can’t believe how well it worked for me. I felt much more balanced when I was taking the capsules, and I love that the embilical cord was tied into a little heart. We saved it in a shadow box which is still hanging in our daughter’s room.

First Time Mom ~ San Ramon, CA

I can’t straight up tell anyone to eat their placenta. The first time I heard about it, I thought it was a disgusting idea. But, here I am: I had no postpartum depression, my milk supply was and still is perfect and my baby hasn’t gotten sick once at 9 months. Maybe it’s a coincidence?? I don’t believe in coincidences. Yes, the pills smell a little funny and taste weird too. But after a couple days, you get used to it. Why not? Kathryn delivers you pills right away in a beautiful glass jar I’m saving as a keepsake!
First Time Mom ~ Concord, CA

I liked the way you responded to my questions, and that you replied promptly as well. The services you offered, as well as your rates were very reasonable and in my price range. I was assured by your responses with regards to certification and how the placenta is handled. I have zero regrets and would strongly recommend it to every pregnant woman to consider it. I was very worried about PND and he placenta pills very clearly altered my mood and emotional balance in a very positive way. It was so effective I could have only one pill a day, which meant I could consume them for longer. Both my husband and I clearly saw the difference when I took them and when I didn’t. The effects were almost immediate. I knew I had forgotten to take my placenta pills when I started feeling weepy, it was kind of crazy! I was very happy and energetic after taking them, I felt like I could do anything. It helps that I had family support and my husband was amazing, but I believe the placenta pills helped me emotionally in a way no one really could.
Cherie ~ Oakland, CA

Kathryn was very quick and thorough with communication. I didn’t remember to text until I was late in labor but she was still able to come to L&D early the next day and the processing time was very quick, even though I wasn’t in the service area. I felt like I returned to my normal self much faster, and had less anxiety and mood swings. I still had baby blues, but that lifted quickly once I started taking my pills. I loved knowing I wasn’t putting anything foreign or processed in my body, since I was breastfeeding, and that my baby was still getting the nutrients she got while in my womb.
First Time Mom ~ Modesto, CA

My doula Angela Steele recommended Red Tree Placenta. It seemed worth the investment for piece of mind- I would have wondered if the placenta pills would have helped my low supply had I not taken them. You were so fast! The pills were ready before I was discharged.

Claire ~ Walnut Creek, CA

The service was excellent and I got my capsules faster than I expected. I chose Kathryn because she was also my Doula and she was local. I felt it was worth the cost and affordable. Kathryn has a genuine need to help and support others. I haven’t felt fatigued since I gave birth 10 weeks ago!

Sylvia ~ Oakley, CA

Thanks you so much for your absolutely amazing customer service. You turned the placenta around so quickly that the pills were in my fridge waiting for me when I got home from the hospital! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.
Lauren ~ Concord, CA

This is the second time I worked with Kathryn and she was just as good as the first time. She came to pick up my placenta ASAP (even though it was almost midnight and she had a long drive!) and returned my pills quickly. She is such a cheery and calming presence, even through brief interactions. Also, she was very easy to work with during my pregnancy and made signing up very convenient.

Mia ~ Modesto, CA

I’m definitely glad I got my placenta encapsulated. I have a history of depression and felt that I was highly likely to get PPD. Unfortunately, I ended up getting PPD immediately. However, I think that I was able to prevent it from escalating out of control because I was taking the capsules as well as getting good sleep at night. I’m sure the capsules helped with different parts of my healing, and I was able to get further help to control my PPD. I was amazed at how fast you were able to pick up my placenta and return with the capsules!
Experienced Mom ~ Livermore, CA

Kathryn is the best, she was very helpful with my placenta encapsulation. I appreciated her kindness and all the assistance she offered me. I did not use her as a doula this time but definitely next time around. Thank you Kathryn for everything, the pills are working out great, and I loved the umbilical cord keepsake.
Lizeth ~ Antioch, CA

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