APPA_page_1APPAI’m gonna be honest, I prefer to work in my workspace. It’s familiar, and I can work at night when everyone in my home is asleep.

However, I want to serve my customers in the ways that make them feel best, so I am now offering the choice of in-home prep.

What does in-home prep look like?

I come to your home after you have returned home from the hospital and spend about 2 hours in your kitchen preparing your placenta for dehydration. I leave the dehydrator in your care for about 24 hours, at which time I return to spend another 2 hours to process the now dehydrated placenta into capsules.

My protocols and procedures are the EXACT same in both environments. I bring all of my own equipment and leave the kitchen in the same way I found it.

There is an additional charge for in-home prep.

Please contact me if you have further questions about what is best for you!

I look forward to serving you!